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Military Direct Mortgage
We operate solely to offer mortgage loans and refinance options to Veterans and active-duty military members and their families.

“In honor of those who have served our great nation, we will strive to go above and beyond to serve you, assist you, and work to facilitate your home buying or refinancing experience”

What we offer

Veteran Home Purchase

Military Direct Mortgage has the unique advantage of being able to offer home loans to Veterans, active-duty military personnel and their family members as we are a VA approved lender

Veteran Refinancing

In addition to VA home loans, we also offer special options for refinancing. Interest rates are at an all-time low and refinancing your home with a VA loan could significantly decrease your

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Resource Center

We are passionate about being a resource and advocate to helping Veterans have access and knowledge to programs that were created to assist them. Please take a look at our resource center where you can find information about programs and services that can help you.

Why Choose Us For Your VA Home Loan?

A VA home loan is only available to those who have served or are serving in the US military. It offers several financial and time-saving advantages, so it is by far your best option if you are a Veteran or active-duty military looking to purchase or refinance a home. Here are some of the main benefits of a VA home loan:

  • You can purchase a home with no money down!
  • You are not required to carry mortgage insurance (this is a decent savings in your monthly payment)
  • Our VA home loan offers very competitive interest rates
  • Credit guidelines are more lenient
  • Paperwork is simplified and the overall process is more streamlined
Contact us today to get started! We look forward to working with you.
"Military Direct Mortgage was excellent at understanding my needs for a mortgage refinance. They communicated clearly and effectively and responded promptly to any problems that arose. I would definitely recommend Military Direct to a family member or friend."

- Michael K., Naylor, GA

"I know this was hard, but you came through. I would be very likely to use Military Direct Mortgage again and to recommend Military Direct to a friend or family member. My overall experience was excellent."

- Steven K, Virginia Beach, VA

"The experience from introduction to completion of working with Military Direct Mortgage in obtaining my VA mortgage refinance was absolutely pleasurable in spite of occasional obstacles that surfaced periodically. I would be proud to associate with them again and highly recommend them."

- Andrew M L., BSN, MS, CH – Palmyra, VA

"It was a pleasure working with Military Direct Mortgage. I would definitely recommend them to my military friends."

Oscar T - Paducah, KY

"Hi, Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a wonderful experience it was for us to work with Joanne. She is very knowledgeable and always had an answer for any question we threw at her. She made us feel like we were important to her as she was always a phone call or an e-mail away. She never left us hanging. She always answered when we called and always responded to our e-mails promptly. When we had problems understanding how to handle responses via the computer she came up with easier ways to accomplish the same tasks. In case you haven't figured it out by now, we were very impressed by Joanne, and in turn, very impressed with Military Direct Mortgage. If all your employees are as dedicated and as hard working as this woman, we are going to buy some stock in the company! Please give her a much deserved atta-boy from us and take one for yourself for hiring her. SHE ROCKS!"

Julie and Lynn T -- China Grove, NC

"I do greatly appreciate everyone's effort in helping me getting through this loan process. I thank you for your patience and great customer service."


Norberto P -- West Haven, CT

"I am writing this note to inform you about the assistance I received during my home buying experience.  Initially, I was dragging my feet.  Mrs. Stephanie Latham-Magee was there all the way.  She was never the pushy used car sales person.  At one time, I thought she was one of the owners of the company.  She treated me as I was the most important customer.  All business owners would like their employees to treat their jobs as if they own the company; unfortunately, most employees do not, they only work for a paycheck and go home.  Your company is very fortunate; you have at least one of those employees who treats her job as if she is an owner.
Initially I was not totally serious with buying a home and getting back into debt.  I know that I would not have purchased a home through your company if I was dealing with someone else.  It was not like she only wanted me to buy a home through this company, she guided and sometimes trained me.  Just one example: I totally forgot that I should get a home inspection before buying; she encouraged me to do so and it paid off big.
I have never met Mrs. Latham-Magee; however, because of the way she has dealt with me during this process, she makes me feel as if I have known her and her family for many years.

I want to thank you for having her on your staff."

- Calvin N., Tampa, FL

"Just want to say thank you so much for working on this for us. I feel like you went above and beyond what most would have done. This loan is important to us. It will enable us to take care of some much needed repairs to our home, pay some medical bills.  We have prayed for God to lead us and guide us to someone that could help us, guess you were that person. Thank you for giving us the break we needed. Rita and I really appreciate it. Thank you."


- Randy W. - Blountsville, TN

"Joanne is a pleasure to work with. She is always positive -- always gets back to you as soon as possible. She makes the process as simple and trusting as possible. She is a genuine nice person."

- John C. - Rochester, NH

"Only worked with Jordan Yap, but he is the very best I have ever worked with. A class act in all he does..."

- Ralph F. - Naples, FL

Veteran Home Loans & Military Mortgages from a VA-Approved Lender & Consumer Advocate. Military Direct Mortgage stands ready to assist you. Contact us today for the best rates & assistance you require in your time of need.