While an inspection is optional, it can be an important part of the home buying process, especially when using a VA Home Loan. Oftentimes, buyers want an in-depth look at any potential problems a property may have, so they get an inspection prior to the lender ordering a VA appraisal. Before hiring a home inspector, here are five questions you should ask:

1.) “Are You Insured?”

A surprising number of home inspectors don’t have insurance which can be a potential issue for the home buyer. If the inspector were to get in any type of accident while inspecting the property, and they didn’t have the appropriate insurance, they could sue you or the current homeowners. By making sure they have their own insurance, you are limiting any personal liability.


2.) “Can I Be There During the Inspection?”

Some home buyers let the inspector go through the home alone and others want to be more involved in the process, which is smart. Make sure that you have established that it is okay for you to walk through the house with them and that they are receptive to you asking questions about things you are unclear on.


3.) “What Does the Inspection Include?”

Different inspectors offer different levels of service. When you are comparing them, be sure to find out what the inspection does or does not include. Will they check every window and test a majority of the outlets? Do they test the appliances? The more thorough the inspection, the better.


4.) “How Much Will It Cost?”

Similar to the level of service, different inspectors may have different costs. While it can be tempting to simply go with the cheapest quote, remember that this process requires a detailed look at your home. Any money you invest in your inspection could be saving you thousands down the road.


5.) “Will I Get a Sample Report?”

An inspector will send you a report after completing the work at your home. Asking for a sample report will give you an idea of how the information is going to be presented. Look for lots of photographs, a clear form of communication, and a format that is easy for you to understand. Having the information presented with great detail can help during negotiations.