What determines a rate?

Interest rates fluctuate throughout the day, every day. They can vary based on each particular loan scenario.

We quote rates based on 3 main qualifying factors.

Fluctuation Happens!

Although rates are contingent upon the information above, they are also impacted by whether the loan is a purchase or refinance, and the loan to value. For example, the rate may be higher for 100% financing on a cashout refinance rather than 90% financing.

Rates fluctuate throughout each day based on the market. So even if you have an excellent credit score which would mean you could qualify for a lower rate – no matter how good your credit may be, or how much income you bring in each month, or how little debt you have – sometimes we have no control over how low a rate we can offer. A big part of rates are simply dependent upon the market.

Discount Points

What are points?

You can purchase points to basically buy yourself a lower rate. This makes sense in certain situations, but it’s not a good idea for everyone. We always quote what is called PAR rates to start – meaning the base rate with no buy down points. PAR is what the market has released that day, combined with your credit, income and debt.

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